We’re on a mission.

Our goal is to help a million people all over the world.

We Believe in You.

Get Course International’s mission is to help as many people as we can get into careers they enjoy. We believe that everyone has a calling, we just need the courage to pursue our passions and the path to achieve it.

We Believe in positivity.

We believe that happiness can be created by trying to do good things in the world. While we are by no means perfect, our goal is to do our best with the tools, resources and understanding we have to do some good in the world and create positive change for people.

We Care About Honesty & Simplicity.

Since we started we always liked to speak in simple language that everyone could understand. We didn’t like hiding behind big words or making options for study to complicated for the average person to understand. We saw this as a way of telling is simply and honestly the best we know how. While the regulations have changed in this industry, we do our best to stick to this each day.

We Care About Fun!

If it’s boring for you, it’s boring for us too.  We believe in doing things that are fun for us, so hopefully it’s fun for you too. So expect us to be always trying new ideas and antics that nobody else is yet. Mind you,  that does make some of the establishment a bit grumpy, but who has time to be boring in this life right?

Meet some of the Get Course team.

Dyah Kane

Founder & CEO

Tiffany Bismark

Head of Marketing

Thom Gardner

Head of Systems