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Certificate in Cybersecurity

(Study Method: Online)

Do you love working on computers? Are you attracted to the world of cybersecurity as a professional or just interested in protecting yourself online? Digital literacy and data security are sought-after skills in today’s world as businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Equip yourself with expertise in cybersecurity and future-proof a promising, rewarding career in this ever-growing industry with the Certificate in Cyber Security.

Certified Data Science Professional

(Study Method: Online)

The Certified Cybersecurity Professional course will teach you strategic ways to understand networking as a whole, and determine the security measures and defence needed to protect them. You will also discuss the common threats that organisations face including cyber attacks, hacking and the like.

Growth Marketing Professional

(Study Method: Online)

The Growth Marketing Professional course is designed to equip you with a broad base of marketing knowledge and skills to help you with your career. This course will help you gain quantitative and analytical skills, and technical skills. It will also equip you with knowledge on qualitative research, copywriting, storytelling, channel acquisition and program management to make you a master of growth.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional

(Study Method: Online)

Looking to start a rewarding career as an Artificial Intelligence professional? Establish the foundation you need through the Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional course. The course includes valued and widely-recognised certifications from industry leaders AWS and TensorFlow.

ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development)

(Study Method: Online)

Considering a career in web development, but don’t know how to start? Take the first step with the ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development). This course has a combination of coding and management units and will help you take your first steps into the website development industry, teaching you to create and manage basic websites from concept to launch.

ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support)

(Study Method: Online)

Technical skills that keep hardware, software, and networks up and running are in demand now and more important than ever. With organisations focusing on technology, you will need to continue levelling up your skills and be on the pulse for trends. The ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) is the ideal starting point if you are looking to develop your skills now.

Cloud Computing Certified Professional

(Study Method: Online)

As more organisations leverage cloud-based services to drive digital transformation, cloud computing skills continue to be in demand. If you want to get started in developing these much-needed skills, the Cloud Computing Certified Professional course will provide you with fundamentals in the leading cloud operating platforms AWS, Microsoft and Google.

Certified Full Stack Developer

(Study Method: Online)

Take the next step in your development journey with the Certified Full Stack Developer course. You will get the front and back-end skills required to build real-world applications and will be equipped with in-demand certifications to prepare for a rewarding career.

ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking)

(Study Method: Online)

If you are looking for a course that will provide a solid base of knowledge and highly regarded skills to equip you for a broad range of IT roles, the ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) has got you covered. This networking course has been enhanced with new units covering the important area of cybersecurity, including responding to incidents.

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Backend Web Development)

(Study Method: Online)

Back end developers are in demand, and there are some essential skills you will need to learn if you want to become one. If you are considering this career and want to learn those skills now, the ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Backend Web Development) will help you get started. With this course, you will learn how to create websites and applications for organisations to leverage opportunities in e-commerce and the rapid shift towards digital engagement with customers.

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking)

(Study Method: Online)

With the ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Networking), you will get foundational skills in setting up and managing complex network environments in organizations, as well as preparing for and responding to cyber security threats.

ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security)

(Study Method: Online)

The ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security) is worth undertaking as it will provide you foundational skills to promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices, as well as designing systems to prepare for and respond to cyber security threats.


Why Study IT Courses Online?

The global tech market is expected to grow 4 percent in 2018, reaching $3 trillion, according to Forrester research. The Australian Government Job Outlook reports there is strong to very strong future growth for IT careers including:

  • Database & systems administrators & IT security
  • IT managers
  • IT support technicians
  • Software and applications programmers

Whether you want to change career paths and enter a new role in IT, or you’re already working in information and communication technology and want to take on more advanced leadership roles, education can help. In Get Course IT courses, you’ll learn the latest developments in the IT field and how to be a successful professional in the IT industry. You can get a degree or diploma that strengthens you IT credentials, so you can move up in your current company or apply for a new and exciting role.

According to the Australian Government Job Outlook, most IT careers require a diploma at the bare minimum, and many require a bachelor’s degree or higher for advanced roles in IT management and beyond. In IT, higher educational attainment enables job seekers to apply for higher-paying leadership roles.

Professionals who are currently working in IT can use their continued education to grow their careers in their current companies. Many businesses will even pay for their employees to further their education. Check with yours to discover your options.

Continuing education in the IT industry is beneficial because technology is evolving at a rapid pace. In the courses offered through Get Course, you can learn the latest vital IT skills in areas like:

  • Cloud technology
  • Network and database engineering
  • App development
  • Computer network security
  • And much more!

If you want to fast-track your IT career, education can help. Online learning environments also introduce students to valuable networking contacts from Australia and sometimes from around the globe.

When you study to further your education, you can also gain essential skills to succeed in diverse business environments, like leadership and management. If you feel stuck in your current role or want to rise up the corporate ladder in IT, education can help you stand out.

Who Benefits from Online IT Courses

Studying IT in a technology-powered environment makes perfect sense. Online learning is an attractive option for those who are interested in IT and:

  • Want a flexible study schedule that allows them to study on their own time
  • Are unable to relocate to a campus location but still want to learn from a specific institution
  • Thrive in a self-paced, virtual learning environment

Online IT courses from Get Course are perfect for working professionals who want to keep their full-time jobs or study part-time. They work for parents and caretakers, they’re ideal for students around the globe who can’t relocate, and they provide the same excellent level of education on-campus students receive.

There are so many exciting developments in the world of IT, and the evolving course offering from Get Course reflects that. We’re always adding the most relevant IT courses available. You can apply any time online, and get to work to grow your IT career.

Types of IT Careers Available

The world of IT career possibilities is rapidly expanding. Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand fields in IT. By 2021, damages from cybercrime are estimated to cost $6 trillion annually around the world, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study found the average cost of a global data breach was up $3.86 million in 2018, an increase of 6.4 percent year-over-year. IT specialists can play an important part in thwarting those threats.

Some other IT career paths that are in high demand in Australia include:

  • Chief information officer
  • IT project manager
  • Database administrator
  • Hardware technician
  • IT customer support
  • Web administrator
  • Analyst programmer
  • Developer programmer
  • Software tester

Continuing education in IT enables you to apply new skills you’ve learned to any role. More education opens up a wider array of possible career paths within or outside of your current company. If you’re new to IT, a solid education helps you enter the IT field as a competent professional poised for success.

Enroll in a Course to Grow Your IT Career  

Get Course is proud to offer some of the most in-demand IT courses that are attractive to employers throughout Australia and beyond. Learn a new skill, increase your knowledge in a specific area, or undergo a comprehensive education that brings you up to speed in IT.

You can learn more about Get Course in our frequently asked questions section. If you’re ready to join the thousands of students who have pursued online learning to advance their careers, enrol an online IT course now.