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Modern medicine and our access to a healthier lifestyle means that we are living longer lives these days. It comes as no surprise that the older we get, the more help and care we need. Aged care is a growth industry these days as people are enjoying longer lives, there are some things they need help with. Caring for the elderly is a very important task which demands time, patience, skill and care. From understanding their medical needs to knowing how to assist them physically, there are many areas to learn about. Undertaking training for aged care will give people the skills to help the elderly cope with their daily challenges and assist them with their long-term concerns. Please see our available Aged Care Courses below.

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Certificate IV in Allied Health (Occupational Therapy)

(Study Method: Online)

This course will teach you how to communicate in health and community services roles helping others, manage legal and ethical compliance, follow safe work practices, implement and monitor infection prevention, understand and apply medical terminology appropriately, conduct group therapy sessions, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and basic first aid, assist patients with an allied health program, and learning how to recognise health body systems and confirm the physical health status of patients.