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Just like any other career, the key to becoming successful as an eyelash technician is having the skills and knowledge required of the role. Ultimately, you must know the theoretical and practicals side of eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, eyelash tinting, and other related services.

Here at Get Course, we offer top-grade and affordable online eyelash courses that would prepare and equip you to become an eyelash specialist in a salon. They can also help you set up your own eyelash business. You can take most of these courses at your own pace, at your set time. Meaning, you can get certified as soon as you want, even at the comfort of your own home.

Interested to learn more? Check out some of our online eyelash courses below. You can use the navigation filters to your left to view the courses according to their industry classification, the qualifications provided, the study mode, and the course provider. We regularly update our course listing as we offer more eyelash courses, so visit us often to see what’s new.

Study Mode
Advanced Certificate in Eyelash Extensions

(Study Method: Online)

The Advanced Certificate in Eyelash Extension will teach you about different extension types, mapping, styling, application, lash removal and more. As a part of your course, you will receive a custom designed kit delivered straight to your door. Make an enquiry now!


Why Become an Eyelash Specialist?


The beauty industry is undeniably expanding across the globe, considering that more and more people would want to look their best both for themselves and others. The growth of the market and demand is also the reason behind the increasing number of beauty-related service providers in Australia. You’ll never run out of opportunities.

Practically speaking, eyelash technicians receive a generous wage per year. While they can work as freelancers and have unlimited income, ZipRecruiter says that an eyelash technician receives about AU$59,515 annually on average. This figure is enough reason for people to get interested.

At the same time, if you are passionate about helping people look and feel more confident by enhancing their natural features, becoming an eyelash technician would be perfect for you. In this role, you’ll be responsible for the application and removal of eyelash extensions, and/or eyelash lifting and tinting. You’ll also be responsible for advising proper maintenance or aftercare.

Some of the benefits of being an eyelash technician include:
You’ll never run out of clients.
The industry is continuously growing.
You can work as a freelance or part-time eyelash technician.
You regularly meet new people.
You have the opportunity to set up your own eyelash business in the future.

Becoming an eyelash specialist is truly the kind of career you have to consider if you’re into beauty, wellness, meeting new people and service.

Why Study an Online Eyelash Extension Course?

Studying eyelash courses online gives you the opportunity to learn, get certified, and earn a huge amount even without going to uni or any other expensive institution.

Our high-quality online eyelash courses here at Get Course are 100% affordable. They come with a reliable payment scheme that allows you to pay at an instalment basis without breaking the bank. Some of our offerings are available for as low as $25 per week at zero percent interest.

Also, as mentioned above, online eyelash courses allow you to study at your own pace, at your available time. You can study at home, in a coffee shop, or anywhere else you feel comfortable at. You can also go back to your modules over and over again.

This study option is suitable for working professionals who are interested in having a side hustle or starting their own eyelash business. Likewise, online learning is ideal for hustling mums, students, aspiring beauty consultants, etc.

Types of Eyelash Careers to Pursue

Getting certified in an eyelash course would open doors to careers in the beauty industry. If you’re keen on studying an online eyelash extension course, some of the most in-demand roles or job titles you can pursue include:

– Eyelash Technician
– Eyelash Specialist
– Eyelash Stylist
– Eyelash Artist
– Eyelash Business Owner
– Eyelash Technician Trainer
– Eyelash Studio Manager

It’s good to take note though that the skills of eyelash professionals are not limited to eyelash extensions, lifting, and tinting. Most of them are also skilled in hairstyling, facial services, massage services, manicure, pedicure, nail art, makeup, eyebrow threading, waxing, and so much more.

Take time to read the job description before applying for a job posting to ensure that the tasks required of that specific role are suitable to your skillset.

Enrol in an Eyelash Course to Advance Your Beauty Career

Your dreams are meant to be fulfilled! Here at Get Course, we offer online eyelash extension courses that will teach you how to do eyelash mapping and styling, and how to apply and remove eyelash extensions.

We also offer online eyelash lift and tint courses that will teach you how to safely lift and tint eyelashes, including how to prepare and maintain the equipment, as well as how to how to properly take care of treated eyelashes.

You’ll also learn how to grow your clientele, how to keep loyal clients, and even how to set up your own eyelash business.

Got questions? Interested in our eyelash courses? You can reach to us by checking out the course pages above, and by filling out the enquiry form. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Get Course by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Have a blast!