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Are you fond of horses? Do you want to start a horse breeding or horse care business? If so, you must keep in mind that succeeding in this industry requires ample knowledge about the proper ways to breed horses, providing proper nutrition and safe shelter as well as being able to protect horses from any form of disease and injury.

Here at Get Course, we offer affordable and high-quality horse care and horse breeding courses online that would provide you with all the information you need to become a responsible horse owner. These courses would teach you some facts, tips and tricks on how to groom horses, how to feed and bathe them, how to train them for racing, and so much more. You can take these self-paced online courses anytime and anywhere within a specific number of months. This means that you can get certified as soon as you finish the course, even at the comfort of your own room.

Keen in starting a horse-related career or business? Browse through some of our horse care and horse breeding courses online below to get started. To view the courses according to the qualifications provided, their industry classification, the course provider and/or the study mode, kindly use the navigation filters to your left.

Note: The list of our course offerings grows rapidly. You’re more than welcome to visit us often to stay updated on our new courses.

Study Mode
Certificate in Equine Studies

(Study Method: Online)

During the course you will learn the introduction to beef cattle and breeds, production systems, nutrition, parasitic and other diseases in beef cattle, and breeding. You’ll also learn how to plan, market, and manage your very own farming business.

Certificate in Equine Business

(Study Method: Online)

The Certificate in Equine Business will teach you about horse breeding, anatomy, foaling, and pre-natal care, horse health, grooming, bandages, clipping and presenting horses for shows and competitive events, travelling with horses, managing a horse business, organising a horse event, and so much more.

Certificate in Vet Assistance

(Study Method: Online)

Ever dreamed of working in a veterinary clinic, or in a wildlife sanctuary or animal rescue? The Certificate in Vet Assistance is a comprehensive course designed to fast-track your career working with animals in roles such as veterinary assistant, animal technician, pet industry professional, animal facility assistant, kennel or cattery assistant, and wildlife park or zoo attendant.

Certificate in Equine Care

(Study Method: Online)

Study the Certificate in Equine Care and learn the skills and knowledge need to work in numerous, wonderful careers with these amazing animals. This course will teach you about horse management, care and grooming, horse training, pasture management, and so much more.


Why Become Horse Breeder?

The horse breeding industry offers countless career and investment opportunities in urban and rural communities. With around 900,000 to 1.8 million horses in the country, the horse industry contributes to around $6.3 billion to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Australia. Some of the careers you can consider involve racing, breeding, wagering, and more.

Meanwhile, speaking of numbers, the salary of professionals in this industry usually depend on three things: (1) the breed of their horses, (2) the quality of their breeding stock, and (3) the reputation of the breeder. To give you an insight though, horse trainers receive an average of AU$55,064 per year, while horse breeders earn about AU$53,000 annually.

As a horse breeder, you’ll be responsible for teasing mares, handling stallions, the artificial insemination assisting with veterinary exams, managing farm staff, overseeing the grooming of horses, attending foalings, keeping health records, and some administrative tasks.

Some of the benefits of being a horse breeder include:
– Your career options and opportunities are endless.
– The horse industry is expanding in a steady pace.
– You can work as a part-time horse breeder while working full-time somewhere else.
– You can set up your own horse racing or horse breeding business.

Becoming a horse breeder is an ideal role for horse lovers, equestrians and horse racing fans. As you’ve read above, this role pays well, offers enough career options, and a fulfilling job description.

Why Study Horse Breeding Courses Online?

Taking horse breeding courses online would be advantageous to anyone who would like to start a horse-related career or business. You will learn, get certified, and have the opportunity to be hired by the most influential companies in the industry without paying for an expensive tuition fee in the uni or any other institution.

Good thing is, we offer 100% affordable and high-grade courses online horse care and horse breeding courses here at Get Course. They come with a budget-friendly and flexible payment plan that allows you to pay at an instalment basis without sweeping your savings. You can study some of our courses for as low as $25 per week, without a cent of interest.

As abovementioned, our online horse breeding courses allow you to study anytime, at your own pace and at your preferred location. You can study in a coffee shop, at home, in a park or anywhere else you feel is suitable for learning.

Another good thing about online courses is that you can go back to the modules over and over again. This study option is highly encouraged for horse lovers who also have a full-time job and aspiring business owners in the horse industry.

Types of Horse Careers to Pursue

Becoming a certified horse breeder or horse care specialist would give you an edge when pursuing any of these roles and/or careers:

  • Broodmare Manager
  • Farrier
  • Horse Breeder
  • Horse Care Specialist
  • Horse Business Owner
  • Jockey
  • Horse Trainer
  • Riding Instructor
  • Stallion Manager

You can apply to any of these courses upon certification. However, make sure to read the outlined job responsibilities before applying for a specific role to ensure that the requirements of the role would suit your skillset, knowledge and capabilities.

Enrol in a Horse Breeding Course to Advance Your Career

Get into the finish line of success by starting your journey with us! Here at Get Course, we offer horse care courses that will teach you what to feed horses, how to groom them, where to keep them, how to keep them from diseases and infection, how to train them, how to market them, and more.

We also offer horse breeding courses online that will teach you how to tease mares, how to take care of pregnant mares, how to choose the right horses to breed, how to do artificial insemination, where and how to market each breed, how to take care of your stock, etc.

Interested in our horse breeding and horse care courses? Got enquiries? Let us know by filling out the enquiry form which you will find on the course pages. On the other hand, you can learn more about Get Course by running your eye through our Frequently Asked Questions.

All the best!